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Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 lovefest with Microsoft: It's complicated

With apologies to the Carpenters​, Samsung executive Federico Casalegno was practically singing, "Why do birds suddenly appear, ev'ry time Microsoft is near."
Thursday August 13, 2020

Google releases Chrome.OS dev, an online hub for developers

As Chromebook sales climb, the Chrome OS team is encouraging developers to build more apps optimized for large-screen devices.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Re­VoL­TE attack can decrypt 4G (LTE) calls to eavesdrop on conversations

Academics detail a new attack on 4G encrypted calls. Attack works only when the attacker is on the same base station (mobile tower) as the victim.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

NHS hit with wave of scam emails at height of COVID-19 pandemic

NHS Digital said its cybersecurity teams were working hard to keep patient data secure as attackers continued to target under-pressure services.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

APAC consumers believe onus on businesses, governments to safeguard their data

Almost 70% of consumers in Asia-Pacific will give up their privacy for better user experience, but just 25% feel they're responsible for protecting their own data, with the rest of pushing this role to governments and organisations.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Cybersecurity: These two basic flaws make it easy for hackers to break into you systems

Penetration testers share common security failings that leave companies vulnerable to attack.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Back to school: Great headphones, earbuds, and speakers for students

Best audio products for back-to-school audiophiles.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

In light of Apple Silicon, should you buy the new Intel-based 2020 27-inch iMac?

It's a conundrum that dates back to the earliest days of computers. Do you buy the computer that's available today, or hold out for the promised wonderment of the future?
Wednesday August 12, 2020

COVID-19 makes people spend more on pets' health (but not in New York)

A software company studied how the coronavirus has affected spending on pets' wellbeing. There are big regional differences.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Best Amazon tablets in 2020: It's all about playing with Fire

Looking for a tablet that does everything you'd expect it to, but at a fraction of the cost of an iPad? Amazon has what you want.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Adobe makes CDP data governance tools generally available

As organizations reconsider their data strategy in response to factors like COVID-19 and new regulations, data governance is top of mind for marketers, Adobe says
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Digital divide, homework gaps mar move to online learning, engagement, says Quizlet report

Across its top 50 markets, Quizlet saw a 200% to 400% increase in students and teachers signing up for the platform. The company also saw gaps in online education based on income levels
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Workday, IBM offer new AI solution to COVID-19 challenges as enterprises return to the office

Planning and AI-assisted scheduling may make returning to the office less stressful for business owners and staff.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Developer jobs: Demand for programming language Python falls amid pandemic

Python might be a hot programming language to learn, but job prospects are down since March.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Software developer jobs are growing again. But the top skills companies want are changing

Demand for software developers and cloud jobs starts to grow again. But businesses are looking for a different set of skills.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Microsoft's Surface Duo may be Kin, the sequel

Weak specs for a high price and questionable productivity gains plague the Microsoft Duo out of the gate.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard review: Remote work fun on a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device

Mechanical keyboards are making a comeback and after spending a few weeks with the Keychron K2, I'm not sure I can go back to using a typical laptop or desktop keyboard.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Forget the Microsoft Duo: LG's Dual Screen devices offer more for hundreds less

I was expecting more from Microsoft and its latest Android entry, but there are better devices available that offer dual screen solutions for the enterprise.
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Surface Duo: Microsoft's $1,400 dual-screen Android phone coming September 10

Microsoft is counting on users seeing the Duo as filling an untapped niche. But for people used to thinking about carrying no more than two devices -- usually a PC/tablet or phone -- where does the Duo fit?
Wednesday August 12, 2020

Brazilian executives want to stick to remote working

The majority of higher-ranking professionals operating remotely want to continue to work that way despite employers'plans to return to the office, according to research.
Wednesday August 12, 2020