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Don McGahn: White House directs former lawyer not to testify

A White House letter says President Donald Trump has directed Don McGahn not to appear on Tuesday.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

Trump's 'genocidal taunts' will not end Iran - Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US president should try showing Iranians some respect.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

Arthur: Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode

Alabama Public Television refuses to air a cartoon that features two male rats getting married.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

Transgender woman shot, killed in US weeks after assault

Police say Muhlaysia Booker's death is unrelated to an April assault, and no arrests have been made.
Monday May 20, 2019

Carmaker Ford announces 7,000 job cuts

The US car giant says it will shed 10% of its salaried workforce by the end of August to cut costs.
Monday May 20, 2019

Martin Tower, former Bethlehem Steel headquarters, demolished

The 21-storey Martin Tower, former headquarters of a US steel company, is demolished in Pennsylvania.
Monday May 20, 2019

NBA play-offs: Golden State Warriors into fifth straight NBA Finals after eliminating Portland Trail Blazers

The Golden State Warriors are through to their fifth straight NBA Finals series after a 119-117 overtime win over the Portland Trail Blazers.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

Miami Beach: The hedonistic spirit of the early 90s

Photographer Barry Lewis discovered the colourful world of Miami Beach and documented its rejuvenation.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

Robert Smith: Tycoon who just paid off 400 black students' debt

Who is the US philanthropist who paid off 400 students’ loans in a graduation speech this weekend?
Monday May 20, 2019

Do international students get what they pay for?

The debate has opened after an Indian student was arrested for working to support his studies in Canada.
Monday May 20, 2019

Chiari malformation: ‘I went from travel-obsessed to bedridden'

Hailey wanted to travel the world as a doctor, until a mystery condition left her shaking uncontrollably.
Monday May 20, 2019

Climate change: One man's fight to save a California tree

Cody tried to replant a San Diego forest destroyed by wildfire but climate change is making it hard.
Sunday May 19, 2019

Alabama abortion ban: Should men have a say in the debate?

Many of the US states passing abortion bans have male-majority legislatures - does that matter?
Saturday May 18, 2019

The Google city that has angered Toronto

Canada is not Google's lab rat, say those protesting against plans to build a smart city in Toronto.
Saturday May 18, 2019

Morehouse College student: 'I want to change the world'

Dwytt Lewis is one of the 400 Morehouse College graduates whose debt is being wiped by a US billionaire.
Tuesday May 21, 2019

US billionaire clears 400 student loans

Robert F Smith made the commitment to graduates at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.
Monday May 20, 2019

2020 Election: How do you say 'awkward' in Spanish?

Democrats hoping to beat Donald Trump must win backing from Latino voters. Is their Spanish bueno?
Monday May 20, 2019

The farmer who cut off his own leg with a pocketknife

When Kurtis Kaser's leg got trapped he did not have a phone to call for help - but he did have a knife.
Friday May 17, 2019

Alabama abortion ban: 'I had to give birth to my rapist's child'

Dina says Alabama's ban on abortion even in cases of rape and incest treats women as "an incubator".
Saturday May 18, 2019

Women in Alabama react to abortion ban bill passing

Women give their opinions on the US state passing a bill that bans abortion in almost all cases.
Thursday May 16, 2019