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Trump steps up attack on 'US-hating' congresswomen

The US president has been accused of racism over his attack on a group of Democratic lawmakers.
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Times when Americans were told to 'go home' or 'go back'

The president's suggestion that four politicians leave the country has prompted an outpouring of stories.
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Rafters accidentally plunge over waterfall in Pennsylvania

The six people had missed warning signs posted before their plunge at a state park in Pennsylvania.
Monday July 15, 2019

Pernell Whitaker: Former world champion boxer nicknamed 'Sweet Pea' dies in accident

Former world champion boxer Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker dies after being hit by a vehicle in the US, police say.
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Calls for Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló to quit over text scandal

Protests broke out after 800 pages of profane texts in a group chat between officials were published.
Monday July 15, 2019

Amazon workers launch protests on Prime Day

Thousands of workers are calling for better conditions as the retail giant's annual sale starts.
Monday July 15, 2019

US migrant crisis: Trump seeks to curb Central America asylum claims

The White House is seeking to limit Central American migrants' ability to claim asylum in the US.
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Juul: E-cig boss says sorry to parents over child vaping

The head of Juul's comments come in a documentary about an "epidemic" of vaping among young people.
Monday July 15, 2019

Armed man dies after police shooting at Tacoma immigration jail

Police say four officers opened fire on the man, who was throwing incendiary devices at the centre.
Sunday July 14, 2019

New leak claims Trump scrapped Iran nuclear deal 'to spite Obama'

The latest disclosure comes despite a police warning to media about publishing leaked diplomatic memos.
Sunday July 14, 2019

New York power cut: Supply restored in Manhattan

Power has now been restored to all customers affected by a power outage in Manhattan.
Sunday July 14, 2019

Megan Rapinoe: Why is America's newest hero so polarising?

The World Cup winner and activist is a polarising figure who inspires anger as well as adoration.
Sunday July 14, 2019

How the 2019 coffee crisis might affect you

Farmers are struggling as coffee prices drop to historic lows, so why is the cost of a latte rising?
Friday July 12, 2019

Is height important on dating sites?

A video of a 5 ft man losing his temper in a bagel shop sparks a discussion about dating and height.
Friday July 12, 2019

Apollo 11: 'The greatest single broadcast in television history'

The moon landing 50 years ago brought previously unthinkable images and ideas to millions.
Thursday July 11, 2019

Joe Biden fundraising eclipsed by junior 2020 Democrat

The Democratic frontrunner was outraised by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, according to campaign disclosures.
Thursday July 04, 2019

What does this hat mean to Americans?

The signature red hat made famous by President Trump has divided Americans on what it represents.
Tuesday June 18, 2019

Joe Biden defends his civil rights record

The former vice-president said he had committed a lifetime to civil rights and he had never opposed voluntary "bussing" to break down segregation.
Saturday June 29, 2019

Democrats clash over policy, history and food

There were tense exchanges - and moments of agreement - on the debate stage in Miami.
Friday June 28, 2019

Bernie Sanders plans to cancel all $1.6tn of US student debt

The plan to erase $1.6tn (£1.2tn) in loans is the most ambitious among the 2020 contenders thus far.
Monday June 24, 2019

How to pitch yourself to Iowa voters in five minutes

It takes a lot to stand out in a crowded Democratic field. So how did they do in Des Moines?
Tuesday June 11, 2019

President Trump rejects racist tweet allegations

At the Made in America showcase, Mr Trump responds to questions about the meaning behind his tweets.
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Parts of New York City go dark after power cut

A major power outage plunges large parts of Manhattan, including its subway stations, into darkness.
Sunday July 14, 2019

Apollo Moon landing: 'My dad literally loved us to the Moon and back'

All the focus was on the Moon, the mission and the men – but what about the families back on Earth?
Sunday July 14, 2019

The moment a US Coast Guard raided a submarine

A submarine suspected to be carrying drugs is seized by US Coast Guards in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Friday July 12, 2019

US census 2020: Will Trump's citizenship data order work?

The US president retreats on adding a citizenship question to 2020 census, but unveils a new plan.
Friday July 12, 2019

Severe air turbulence causes emergency landing and injures 37

At least 37 people were injured on board an Air Canada flight after the plane hit severe turbulence and had to make an emergency landing.
Friday July 12, 2019

US migrant gives emotional testimony about daughter's death

Yazmin Juarez gives an emotional testimony about daughter's death after being held at US immigration detention centre.
Thursday July 11, 2019

World Cup parade: Megan Rapinoe demands equal pay for 'badass team'

The outspoken co-captain of the World Cup-winning US women's team had a message that went beyond sport.
Wednesday July 10, 2019